After attending the Latin Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, I went up to San Francisco where good friends and good music awaited me. One of the great new friends made during this trip was the pianist Larry Vuckovich , born in Yugoslavia and with a long career in jazz in the US and Europe.

We met through our mutual friend, the journalist Reese Erlich, who invited us to his home. There with piano and guitar and with the backdrop of a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay outside the window we spent several hours choosing the songs we were going to play together the next evening at Yoshi’s, the famous Bay Area jazz club. I was astounded to discover the perfect musical understanding between us the first time we met. And, of course, the show was marvelous and the public responded with real enthusiasm. Besides several tangos and my beloved Portuguese fado, I sang the bolero No me platiques ( Don’t say a word ) with the guitarist Josh Workman. With bass player Buca Necak, we threw ourselves into a duo versión of Sueño de Juventud ( Youthful dream ). Unforgettable.