Fuimos (2003)

Maria Volonte Fuimos Latin Grammy

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Nominated for a Latin Grammy as “Best Tango Album,” this sensuous collection of classic tangos performed by the “chanteuse of Buenos Aires” Maria Volonte, will leave you dreaming of the last (or next?) Buenos Aires love affair.

“Fuimos” is Maria’s tribute to the extraordinary tangos of the 1930s and 1940s. Recorded with her long-time friend and accompaniest Horacio Larumbe, “Fuimos” is musical jewel that introduced Maria to the world stage.

(*** Currently available only as a digital download. If you would like to be advised when the CD becomes available, please send us a message and we’ll let you know just as soon as the CD leaves the factory!)

Track List:
1. Fuimos
2. Soledad
3. Quedemonos aqui
4. Yuyo verde
5. Sueno de juventud
6. La luz de un fosforo
7. Palomita Blanca
8. Nada
9. Cantando
10. Pedacito de cielo
11. El ultimo café
12. Sera una noche
13. Volver
14. Estranha forma de vida
15. La Punalada

“This is a great album– innovative and yet respectful of traditional tango as well. It certainly merits the awards and recognition it received. There’re wonderful ideas from pianist Horacio Larumbe too. She’s one of the best singers in the world today — & always interested in exploring new ideas and contexts for tango and finding the seam where tango, jazz and forward looking traditional song/music meet.” — Ed Goodstein, CD Baby